Apr 12, 2002

my eyes keep blurring cause i cant keep them open...tired, it hits me hard...i wanna pass out..and wake up somewhere else....maybe in your arms, yeah, thats ideal. close, warm and comforted as i wake from my dream your skin touches mine touches yours. your there and im here, all seems right, perfect, no flaws....but as i dream more and more i get sucked into my own reality realizing that the dreams arent real but just figments of my own desires and hopes, you seem to dissappear as quickly as you came into my life. a series of events so short lived i keep finding myself reliving them to the fullest extent in my head....you here me there everything seems right...but i woke up and im here but you are in another there. life is cruel it deals you things so hard to deal with....cope? how? fuck that. not that i want things handed to me...but i do want a fair chance......just one.

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