Dec 16, 2002

again im sitting here, i think about you. wondering where you are, in what mind set i mean....can i tell you i need you? can i tell you i don't feel whole? is it too soon for you to think about me? about us? it was were so much in my life...and you still are. my thoughts of you are as clear as ever...but they hurt more now. i cant sleep with out dreaming of your face. i need your voice to warm my soul. i hold your body close, i breathe the shampoo you use on your makes me close my eyes and think of you. i open my eyes and your gone....why cant you stay. for once id like someone to still be there when i open my eyes.

blurry vision...but i still saw you stood over me, helping me up i laughed but you worried. you cared. staying by my side you made sure i was ok...i realize i never wanted you to go...i was just afraid for you to never too sure what to say. my head hurt for so long after that, you stayed till i was ok.

ive never felt that kind of compassion from anyone before......

i fear i wont again.....i miss you.

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