Apr 29, 2003

its been a while since ive been here....Casandra sorta reminded me about it, so i figured i should get back into it.

man im beat. im sitting here with alot on my mind trying to stay awake....im thinking about someone i prolly shouldnt be thinking of....i dunno.....i mean i think about kim but thats not who im talking about....but it doesnt matter...its bad timing. i swear i have the worst timing.

i need to get some energy and do some work, then i wanna go home and do some band work. damn i need some energy, some motivation. i need to have someone that cares....someone to look me in the eyes and say,"make me proud"

i dont know if ive ever made someone proud. (ooops.....there is one person i can think of that told me they were proud of me....Carrie, thank you..... you are alot of my strength)

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