May 13, 2003

its weird...i am so positive that we are supposed to be together and when i talk to her she is too. i guess its just kinda hard to believe when i don't really see it. she says she thinks about me and misses me and everything, and i totally believe her. its just, there is some doubt in the back of my mind, a bit of uncertainty i guess. i am a person about action, if i feel someway and i want it known then i show it. i make it so there is no doubt. so its hard to understand and be sure when someone isnt like that, and thats my problem. not hers. i understand the situation shes in. i really do. i just wish i could take her out of this situation and make things as perfect as i believe they can be.

i feel right with her....nothing else matters when shes around.

its so quick, but i know that i love her.

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