May 2, 2003

letting casandra into my life was a good move....despite the issues that are circulating around this i think we can make this work....she is so totally understanding...i love it!!!

this is so cool!
Virgo & Cancer

This couple glows with a tranquil aura of harmony. Virgoan organizational skills reassure the anxious Crab, whereas the latter brings Virgo love and imagination. The devoted and dutiful Earth sign will never be wicked enough to push Cancer's buttons. The moonchild's moods are tolerated and coaxed back to less slippery terrain with patience and rationality, in the affectionate surroundings the Cancerian craves. Their life is orderly and calm, but never dull. They love each other simply, tenderly, and gracefully.

im not letting this one get away

no more dumb overreacting andy

anyways, so she came over last night and well lets just say she stole my socks....damn girls!!! i just need to focus on now and put my energy into plans no hopes just realize i care and i wanna make this work...thats what matters right now. she is perfect for me.

for the first time in a while....i actually feel good.

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