May 25, 2003

Random Movie Quotes...
all from Beautiful Girls

Willie Conway: I look at you and I think it's amazing that there's a guy out there gets to do all kinds of things with you. He gets to make you happy and spend evenings with you...
Andera: ...make me martinis, listen to Van Morrison...
Willie Conway: ...smell your skin...
Andera: ...after a day at the beach.
Willie Conway: Yeah, and read the papers...
Andera: ...on a Sunday morning...
Willie Conway: ...a rainy Sunday morning, and pepper your belly with baby kisses...

Tommy: Can I ask you a question?
Andera: Go ahead.
Tommy: How long have you been going out with you boyfriend?
Andera: Eight months.
Tommy: And it's good?
Andera: It's very good.
Tommy: He makes you happy?
Andera: Yeah. I look for that in a man you know. The ones that make me miserable don't seem to last.
Tommy: Right.
Andera: You know there are fours words I need to hear before I go to sleep. Four little words. "Good night sweet girl." That's all it takes. I'm easy, I know, but a guy who can muster up those four words is a guy I want to stay with.

Willie Conway: How old are you?
Marty: Thirteen. But I have an old soul.

Willie Conway: You know in five years you won't even remember me.

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