May 28, 2003

Random Song Lyrics


There was something there
and it came to me
as I cross the path
to the place to set me free
I did not see it clearly yet
I knew it was something
that I'd regret
I cup my hand
so you may have but a sip
of this elixer
that just rests upon the tip
of my tounge
that speaks these words to you
are where are the pain
becomes so very true
Silence is sinful
when it consumes
the voice of life
the voice exhumes
pain of eyes
if you listen hard
the comfort must be hidden

i cant carry this burden anymore
i lost that power inside that war
that internal war, that war destroyed me
it took it all away made me an amputee

time of celebrations
usually reek of joy
but this time around
im a pathetic boy
summons my soul
feed it pain
block out the sun
suck in the rain

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