May 25, 2003

things i hate.

the way i cant let things go
the way my mind overworks
the things i let bother me
the fact that i spend so much time in the company of no one
the sound my apartment makes at night reminding me no ones there
the look on my face when i am sad
all the times ive given and given to only find nothing
the fact that nothing i do ever works
the way my most of my friends(my longest friends) never include me
the way i can never count of my (longest) friends
the way something always out of my control stops me from being happy
the pittsburgh music scene
the way people see me anymore
the way people try to sugar coat everything for me
the way theyve all treated me
the way i hate my life
the way that things i feel or do seem useless in the log run
every lie ive been told
every lie ive told
the fact that everyone thinks im gay
the fact that the majority of those peoplelook down on me
certain people that have been in my life
the fact that i have no hope
the fact im not happy
the way it all seems wrong
the way good memories haunt me and make me cry
the way i sit here alone and cry
what i did to kim at heather and dans wedding
the fact that at times i feel like i am an alcoholic cause i drown my sorrows
the fact that things people say hurts me
my car
the fact i care what people think
that the side of me that i liked at one time is gone
the fact that no matter what im always the nice guy(meaning i get fucked)
the fact that i care about any of this

things i love.

the way movies let me escape
the way music takes me away
the way casandra makes me feel when shes here
friends and family
the way i can forgive and hold on(but i guess i hate it to)

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