Jun 9, 2003

i sat around this morning in my boxers thinking about the possibility of running off to some distant place and start a life. a new life with out these people that annoy me and hold me back. i life wherre no one knows me and cant hold what ive done in the past against me. so i sat there for a while thinking about this, when i realized i was gonna be late for work. so i jumped up, showered, shaved, followed my normal daily routine, and jumped in my car to work. up my street i went, when i got a strange feeling about going to work today. like it was gonna be either a really good day or a really bad day. i merged onto 279 and sped along the highway with everyone else that was going to work. listening and singing along to frank black as i cruise down the highway i must have zoned out for a second cause i didnt really see the accident in front of me till it was almost too late. i swerved to the left off the birm of the road to avoid the hurt motorist laying on the highway in someones arms. as i hit the grassy divider my car spun whipping me around as i slid across into oncoming traffic, where the rear of my car was clipped by a tow truck that sent me spiining faster into the guard rail that seemed to be made of paper as my car ripped thru it sending me down an embankment, tires over roof. till with a crash i stop, face against my sunroof...glass in my face. pinned against a tree. with my head and tires still spiining. the smell of rubber and gas fill the air and screams from above echo thru the trees. i dont really feel any pain or anything really except for the warmth running down my face and the chill up my spine. i hear the crunch of twigs and leaves....then as everything starts to get real bright i see some feet near me..and something that sounds like voices...everything is overcome with light....then the light succumbs to darkness.

just darkness

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