Jun 25, 2003

ok. shes lost and sometimes so am i. we are still so much in love....the problem is we cant seem to find eachother, or i guess its more she cant see me standing right in front of her waving my arms screaming her name trying everything in a desperate attempt to get her attention.

my problems is, say she did see me and came to me. now with the situation as it is, ill always have this insecurity that i'm not her "type" anymore. and i think along the lines i'll get kinda lost too and feel like a replacement for something she's afraid of. she feels safe with me and comfortable, i know this, but part of me says, "that just doesn't do it for her.im just the blanket the toddler uses to fight off the dark."

it wouldnt be the first time i was "base" in life's game of hide and go seek.

(sorry for the stupid analagies.)

i guess im just too uncertain about the whole situation to know what to think.

i just know that i love her and it's hard to walk away......even though it's probably best.

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