Jul 9, 2003

i had a really good time last night.

i picked cathy up at around 715, then we went to eat at chili's. we were planning on playing miniture golf, but Hurricane Ruinplans came thru and we got sorta stuck for things to do. so we decided on a movie. as the rain came down we went to the car and started driving towards Loews, and as car windows do in those climate conditions, the windows fogged up and what should appear in the fog? "I 'heart' You" written by Casandra a few months ago. talk about feeling REALLY stupid. well anyways we went to see Legally Blonde 2 which actually was kinda funny....but had some really dumb/cheesey parts. We were both disturbed by the fact that they have made a movie called Good Boy that involves talking dogs for outer space. then after the movie we went to Tom's Dinner in the south side for milk shakes. then home.

its kinda weird....im actually in a normal situation and im SCARED AS HELL!!!! the nice thing is we are both scared and its really letting us go at a normal pace....not fly into anything like i have so many other times before. this normal pace thing is gonna take some getting used to tho. its kinda weird for me, but its really refreshing.

we both have joking personallities, which is great cause nothing said is taken the wrong way.

the only thing that it really hard, is i have to sit back and just see what happens.

we are going to blue man group on saturday. im excited to see her again.

its time for me to move on.

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