Jul 30, 2003

i take a breath..
i sit across from you as the waitstaff scrurry by with their trays of entrees and salad. with your nose buried in the menu, you cant decide. you squirm in embarrassment when the waitress comes near, for fear youll have to turn her away again. and still in your discomfort and indecisivness you block my eyes from the sun that blinds me. as i look over at you, you glow like nothing i have ever seen. your presence lights up my life, warming my heart. i feel as if im in the presence of angelic grace, maybe another soul that has been lost like mine....perhaps, dare i say it, a soul mate. hanging on everyword, like we havent seen eachother in months and we are trying to catch up, yet i feel like ive known you since time began. like our souls have known eachother forever even if our carbon-based selves had not crossed paths till recently. something somewhere in the universe just clicked and made me truely realize, im where i belong. i knew i had loved you, but i never realized to this extent. as dinner comes you realize that there are black olives in your sauce. instead of letting it ruin dinner like so many others would. you shrug it off as to say, things could be worse.

no single dinner has ever made such an impression on me that i would base the rest of my life off of it.

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