Aug 6, 2003

Funny and yet pretty creepy!!!

so last night I finally got the nerve to ask out the girl that works at Kuhn's behind my apartment. i figured she was around 22-23 but on the bad end she could possibly be like 18....well i figured id take the chance. well iasked her out for a drink...she said" sure, well umm what kind of drink?" i was like why? she said" im only 16." i said"ummmm...well i gotta go now" she asked why and i replied with," well, im 28" we both laughed and i left. i felt rude for just walking away like that so i went back a while later to apologize and she said"what was up with that? why did you walk away like that." i explained i just felt really stupid. she said she always is thought to be older...and i said im always thought to be younger, which she thought i was.....

damn. the girl cant even get into an R rated movie yet.

that made me feel soooo old.

i decree everyone should where their age on their sleeve from now on.

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