Aug 19, 2003

a little ficticious venting...songs ive been listening to have sparked this pointless rant in me towards things in my one or nothing in particular.....

"Fuck you", i yell as i slam the door in your face. you tried so hard to make it right, but you know what, you fucked up not me. im so sick and tired of letting it go, i want you out of my life. i tried and tried and tried and it didnt matter. you treat me like im nothing like i dont matter like im shit. fuck it i dont need it. im sitting here miserable, hating everything around me. work, money, home, life and yeah you. you brought it all upon your self. you never handled this right. you make me sick, i dont sleep because of the way you make me feel. you are like all the rest. you only care about yourself and you have no clue what love is. you are cold heartless and dont deserve a single part of my heart. i gave too much of im taking it back.....walk away from me and dont look back. you arent worth my time better than you....and you know it. i hope your happy where you end up, but most likely youll never let yourself be happy.

so just go fuck yourself.

im gonna end up me.

:-) ok im done

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