Sep 22, 2003

nice weekend...

friday-went to jay and ems and played some cards

sat- went to "a" for breakfast...("a" is the new cool coffee shop that opened right by me) then went to see Underworld which i really liked. went to see my grandmother in the rehab center...shes doing ok she just REALLY doent look like herself...its weird. then went to Ikea to buy a new bed....OUT OF FUCKING STOCK!!! ate a late dinner at Steak and shake...yum. the came home and cathy came over and we watched "Beautiful Girls"

Sun- went to breatfast at "a" sorta talked to the gonna see about selling some of my furniture and photography there and try to get involved with what he's doing...we will see. then i went to pick up Jenn and we hung out at the mall for a bit then my place....then i came home and layed around the rest of the night.....

a different kinda weekend for me. felt good.

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