Sep 16, 2003

Today is an announcement concerning the company merger....its most likely gonna be to tell us where the company is gonna be....prolly warrendale. still dont know if ill have a job after Jan 1 , dont know if i really care either. oh well, ive been thinkin, a change may be good for me at least in the job front. maybe something a little more cultural or sumfin, then i can focus on design in a freelance form. I dunno. something needs to change. ive been of the meds for about a monthand ive been pretty good. i do need to cut back on going out...i spend too getting caught in a rut. dinner was good last night, i like jess but theres just sumthin.....sumthin i dont wanna talk about that is sorta pushin me away. fuck it, ill figure it out.

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