Oct 27, 2003

ok so lets see....thursday i left work early to go to Wall To Wall designs for open house. great design firm in the Strip where Jason now works. as he was giving me the tour...he stopped to talk to someone about something real quick and this really cute girl with around shoulder length curly black hair and black rimmed glasses came up to to and said"hi im sarah" and we talked for a few seconds then i continued my tour with jason. a bit later, i was walking thru a door way from one rom to another when Sarah was passing, she started asking me how i knew jason and things like that...again we talked for about a minute then continued on our way. then later jason, dan, emily and the kids were standing around the food, eating. they were in the middle of a conversation i was kinda on the outside of it. when Sarah walked over and said, "im gonna come talk to you." :-) we talked for about 10-15 minutes when she had to leave for a class. well now getting to talk to her is gonna be a pain, cause i dont wanna drag Jason into this. so i dunno what to do.

then Thursday i went to 3degree and met up with Cathy and Kristen....i havent seen Kristen in a while.

then Friday night i went up to Mt. Washington to a party at James' new place...when i pulled up there was a yellow 2002 Ferrari ($200k) sitting in the driveway (found out later it was notihng but a kit car($80k Fiero) still nice tho. anyways, got there and there was like 6 really cute girls. so james being a chef was cooking up some food and we were all just hanging out having some drinks...3 of the girls left to go to Sanctuary. then about 30min later the rest left to go to Bar 11. one of the girls(Sarah again, a different one mind you) *side note--it was weird i was thinking to myself earlier on friday, that it would be cool to go up to this party and Sarah from thursday be there. she wasnt but there was a Sarah.* well, Sarah said ill give you my cell number so we can meet up when you guys come down. so probably about 40 minutes later we headed down to the south side and met up with sarah and the other girls. we got there and after talking to them for a few minutes i made my way to the bar...and as i was waiting to be waited on, a girl to my right started talking to me (laura) then her friend came and sat down(stacy...i think, no thats wrong, i dont remember) but i talked to them for like 15 minutes then made my way back to everyone else....talked to sarah and the others for the rest of the evening....got home around 9 saturday morning.

Saturday, slept alot of the day, didnt do too much got some shots of the club under Vivo. then got ready to go to the Rex to see Vampire Nation(Sarah from friday is in the band) but as i made my way there she called my cell and said the show was cancelled. so i went home.

Sunday, went out with Jenn for a while went to the mall then Damons for lunch then back to my place and hung out for a little. took her home and then did nothing the rest of the night.


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