Oct 13, 2003

saturday night i was sitting at "a" and ended up meeting James. nice guy lil older than me, close shaven head, kinda big...not really "fat" just big. something random got us talking and i ended up looking at photography of his on his laptop. shots from paris, amsterdam, montreal, all places that he lived for short periods of time as he worked under the table at different places. all the beautiful places this guy has seen. he also used to own a little cafe next to jack's on the s.side. but it really got me thinking about the life that i have accustomed myself into.....its actually pretty bland and boring. here i am.... almost 30 and i havent really lived....i keep asking myself. when do i plan on living? i dont have much time left....i have nothing so show for the first hopefully third of my life. just alot of cold meaningless items....no real memories.

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