Oct 13, 2003

saw kill bill on friday ...it was great.

saw cathy friday night that was really great. her, waldo, becky, and i went to sing sing. which was really cool. waldo said, (she was drunk mind you) "andy, cathy loves you, she just doesnt realize it. she's afraid too." why do you say that? "cause of the way she is when she's around you" yeah ok.....

so anyways....i was just thinking the other day how i would really enjoy someone to do stupid things with, stupid but memorable things. go to a farm market and pick out pumpins to carve, while drinking warm apple cider. or go down to the strip and try different sidewalk foods. or get up sunday morning and go to the flea market. or even wake up together and while they are in the shower make them breakfast. or get up early and go for a walk and stop at some quaint little diner for breakfast, talk to the waitress about totally irrelevant things like her dogs hurt paw or how smart her daughter is. i need some variety in my life, i need someone that i can trust totally. someone that makes me laugh and i make laugh. someone that is so perfect but yet doesnt realize it so there for isnt perfect...if that makes sense.

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