Oct 9, 2003

some movies when i watch them put in a kinda trance where as i watch it i find myself never wanting it to end, thinking when i wake up the next morningit will still be going on around me, like that movie becomes my life, like i am in that movie. is that really fucked up or is that kinda normal, like im just looking for a way to have a different life, without really having one. there arent many movies that have done that but last night i add a new one to the list. Ghost World. the characters were so real and alive i found myself hoping that if they came across me somewhere, id be one of the people they would talk to instead of mock.

but then the credits roll and i realize, im stuck here, watching as my world passes by, as the ones i care most about end up in anothers arms, and as i realize life is never as wonderful as a good movie.

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