Oct 21, 2003

what the hell are we thinking?

patheticboyprod: whats up?
ecolerich: steve?
patheticboyprod: yes bill?
ecolerich: what up man?
patheticboyprod: nuttin
patheticboyprod: i want today to be over
ecolerich: did u end up hooking up Sat nite?
patheticboyprod: i dont wanna do any work
ecolerich: Dude, I know
patheticboyprod: saturday nite?
patheticboyprod: hooking up?
patheticboyprod: what?
ecolerich: u know, that hot chick u were talking to on the dancefloor
ecolerich: this is steve, right?
patheticboyprod: there was no hot chick bill
ecolerich: oh man
ecolerich: was it a guy?
patheticboyprod: no
ecolerich: whoa mab
ecolerich: man
patheticboyprod: did you end up going home with the waiter?
ecolerich: no way man. I was drunk but not that drunk
ecolerich: she was so nasty
patheticboyprod: no not the waitress
patheticboyprod: the WAITER
ecolerich: oh man, u suck
patheticboyprod: :-P
ecolerich signed off at 12:23:22 PM.
ecolerich signed off at 12:23:31 PM.
ecolerich signed off at 12:23:41 PM.
ecolerich: I like lil school boys
ecolerich signed off at 12:23:50 PM.
ecolerich signed off at 12:24:00 PM.
patheticboyprod: :-P
ecolerich: what r u doin?
patheticboyprod: blockin and unblockin ya
ecolerich signed off at 12:24:42 PM.
patheticboyprod: :-P
ecolerich: wow, thats really annoying
patheticboyprod: ;-)thats the point
ecolerich signed off at 12:25:20 PM.
ecolerich: so, what r u doin?
patheticboyprod: sitting here
ecolerich: no lunch?
patheticboyprod: not yet
ecolerich signed off at 12:26:23 PM.
ecolerich: sir?
ecolerich: u suck
patheticboyprod: whay?
patheticboyprod: why?
ecolerich: all this blocking
patheticboyprod: i didnt do it that last time
ecolerich: r u on defense or something?
patheticboyprod: i swear
ecolerich: I did
ecolerich signed off at 12:28:14 PM.
patheticboyprod: :-D
ecolerich: u really that bored, huh?
ecolerich: steve?
patheticboyprod: no
patheticboyprod: yes
patheticboyprod: huh?
patheticboyprod: what?
ecolerich: contour
patheticboyprod: why?
patheticboyprod: snootrac
ecolerich: aww
ecolerich: good times
patheticboyprod: my ass feels like chowder
ecolerich: clam?
patheticboyprod: is there anyother kind
ecolerich: um, entrail
patheticboyprod: ik
ecolerich: or femur
patheticboyprod: kitty?
ecolerich: HA!
patheticboyprod: ;-)
ecolerich: I was supposed to be hving lunch up at Marconi w/ my old supervisor but he never called me
ecolerich: where is ISS?
patheticboyprod: at the end on thorn hill
patheticboyprod: right next to the soccer field
ecolerich: hmm
ecolerich: never knew there was a soccer field
patheticboyprod: dumbass
ecolerich: what are the other businesses there?
patheticboyprod: ummm
ecolerich: by you, I mean
patheticboyprod: wesco is across the street
ecolerich: is that down the street where u pass Amer Eagle?
patheticboyprod: yeah
ecolerich: I see
patheticboyprod: no you dont
patheticboyprod: your thinking about it you do see it right now
ecolerich: um, youre right
patheticboyprod: maybe if you were driving down the street
patheticboyprod: then youd see
ecolerich: dude
patheticboyprod: you big frickin liar
ecolerich: grrr
patheticboyprod: i hate liars
patheticboyprod: all they do is lie to the point where the lies are true
patheticboyprod: damn truthful liars
ecolerich: u callin me a liah?
patheticboyprod: no never...im insulted that you think i would EVER say that
patheticboyprod: why would you even think i would say that about you
ecolerich: Um
patheticboyprod: who do you think you are
ecolerich: cuz its u
patheticboyprod: thinknig id think that
patheticboyprod: oh cause its me?
patheticboyprod: what are you better than me rico?
patheticboyprod: you think your something special
ecolerich: remember the cartoon The Littles?
patheticboyprod: you got something on me?
patheticboyprod: no
ecolerich: well then, u suck
patheticboyprod: i suck?
patheticboyprod: :-(
patheticboyprod: yeah
patheticboyprod: i know
patheticboyprod: *sigh*
ecolerich: They show them on Saturdays!
patheticboyprod: nice
ecolerich: Isnt that nutz that theyd choose that cartoon?
patheticboyprod: no
ecolerich: How about Kissyfur? Or the Gummi Bears?
patheticboyprod: shirt tails
ecolerich: oh yeh
patheticboyprod: digger was the baddest mother f*&*^ i know
ecolerich: was that the mole?
ecolerich: or was he the eel?
patheticboyprod: umm...lets see...moles dig....dig digger your a real brainiac
patheticboyprod: no ass the eel was shocky
ecolerich: ha, I knew I was
patheticboyprod: and if you were on the show youd be Assy
ecolerich: and youd be Betsy
patheticboyprod: =-O
ecolerich: YEAH!
patheticboyprod: you stupid MOTHER F**KA
patheticboyprod: im gonna come down there and break you FU**IN legs
patheticboyprod: hey this is kissel
ecolerich: Uncle Freddy died?
patheticboyprod: this is franks son
patheticboyprod: oh noooooo
patheticboyprod: shaniqua dont live here no mo
ecolerich: I loved that song
patheticboyprod: ha
ecolerich: nice flashback
ecolerich: thanx
patheticboyprod: this has been the GREATEST IM conversation ever
ecolerich: u think?
ecolerich: should we send it to AOL?
patheticboyprod: im gonna post it somewhere

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