Nov 4, 2003

so i emailed sarah(from thursday that jason works with) yesterday and got a nice little which i replied to things that she had said. now im waiting to see if i get another email. its weird, youd think she would have said SOMETHING to jason considering she met me thru him and he sits next to her.

last night i took a walk up to "a" to see who was working and just say hi...get outta my place for a bit.... Sam was working and was in the middle of a conversation with2 woman. both in about their 40s one seems very suburbanite but you could tell she was deeper than that...the other taught some sort of indian culture thing. she knew all about how every part of an animal can be used for something. and that every animal has a part of their brain that after they are dead is there to tan itself...kinda weird. she was talking about she didnt know her self till she went out in the woods to fend for her self and stuff, real primal and primitive. thats what i love about that never know what you are gonna find there. like the one woman said, "this place is like a metaphysical cheers" she commented that (and this ishow ive been trying to say it but havent been able too) that the place isnt a coffee shop in Pittsburgh, its so much more than that. i feel that since the place has opened there has been alot added to my life and things have really turned around for me....i havent been sad lately, ive actually been doin pretty good. ive made some good friends since this place opened.....i hope it lasts.

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