Nov 3, 2003

so...i ended up quitting on Friday. my last day is December 31. I went to a halloween party with James down in the south side and met was her and her roommates party. shes pretty cool....we are supposed to get together this week sometime....and Sarah from last friday wants to get together too and she asked me to make a flyer for her show at the BBT on november 14. i think she just wants me around to be her designer.....thats the vibe i kinda get. maybe im wrong.....and Jason just gave me contact info for the Sarah he works with....

it was weird i was walking thru the mall yesterday and buy were the cute girls out...but anyways...i got alot of smiles and "hi"s from them.... it was kinda surreal.

i think a good friend is avoiding me and i wish i knew why.

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