Nov 25, 2003

yesterday at work i took an online "sex quiz" on Danina's AIM profile and it ended up being a joke that sent her all my answers....GREEAT!

any ways last nite i went to Amanda's place. We started talking like earlier this year, then all of a sudden we stopped, and sunday she signed online and we talked for like 4-5 hours and made plans for last night..... shes great! she LOVES movies (and has great taste minus a few) she loves horribly cheesey horror movies, so we sat around and watched Night of the Demons. which was not disappointing. what movie wouldnt be great with lines like, "Eat a bowl of fuck! I am here to PARTY! " and "Festering Fuck wads!". I hope i get to see her again soon.

oh and a little dilemma that im not too concerned with anymore....i got a show booked at the coffee shop that Sarah (from wall to wall) would be interested in seeing BUT the other sarah that likes me is the opening i damn well cant bring another girl to the show....grrrr......


btw: i feel bad about that email

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