Dec 15, 2003

Crazy night on friday with james and ed said it felt like a movie. happy hour at mad mex with ed and jess. went to my place jason and james stopped over.....jason and jess left and ed and james and i went to james' on mt. washington then went to Havanna to meet rod and shawnelle. for some reason shawnelle and i kept kissing :-) i was so drunk....and then after that the night got crazy....(i wasnt driving....) there was the re-enactment of Starsky and Hutch on the back streets of the Strip fucking with a Cavalier. Then James mouth off to some one about their car at the cogos on Mt. washington then barbq chicken sandwiches at James' weird weird weird.

Saturday hug out at home, went to A for lunch, then went to red star tavern and Mystic River with Sarah. She looked so beautiful....i felt so outta my league.. but i think we hit it was the most comfortable date ive had in a while. we talked so naturally. she has the greatest laugh, and loves to use it. she is just a fantastic girl. she was so shocked when i showed up at her door with a buncha flowers. she showed me her iPod she got as a christmas present from work. it was so funny she held it motherly up to her cheek and said, "I love you iPod, your so cute." I just had a really great night, and after I left i decided im not doing what i alway not letting myself know that i REALLY like her. cause thats where i screw it up. I told myself dont call her on sunday.....wait till monday and send her an email about how good of a time i had. which is exactly what i did....even tho i really wanted to talk to her.

Well, sunday I didnt do much because of the snow, but it was the Affogato/Vivo Staff Christmas party. So around 4 i went to Under Vivo and hung out till about 930-10pm. talking to everythere and drinking rum and cokes and molson canadians....and eating some kick ass food. found out that one woman Liz that works there grew up next door to my great aunt and uncle and would swim in their pool and stuff...and knows them well. then Gemma who also works there taught Shannon and Adam in their swim team. kinda weird.

Tonite I have the meeting with people interested in the magazine at Affogato at 630. so looks like this thing is getting underway.....i hope.

and i hope to talk to sarah soon.

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