Dec 4, 2003

grrrrrr....i give up. i guess i just dont know how to act anymore....havent talked to amanda lately....she was online last i said hi and we talked for a little:

(her screen name has been changed ;-) )
griffinmill75: so hey i was wondering......was i being too pushy about seein you?
xxxxxxxxx: brb
griffinmill75: k
xxxxxxxxx: a little
griffinmill75: im really sorry
griffinmill75: i just had fun that nite and was looking forward to it
xxxxxxxxxx: it's alright, it's just that Im really not looking for anything right now

doubt we will talk again
cause it ended like this:

griffinmill75: well im gonna go...maybe we can hang out sometime....take care have a good nite
xxxxxxxxx signed off at 12:09:39 AM.

she didnt have much to say i guess.


well i didnt feel like working today so i called in sick..... thats the beauty of not caring.

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