Dec 21, 2003

ok lets see...i have a few lets update.

friday went to lunch with sarah....we get along so well and kinda it was nice
then went to happy hour with jason, keith(from Geyer) and tj. started at Nakama then went to pipers....lotsa belgium beer was drank. :-) yum yum
after that i met up with Joe Christine and Charolette....we went to Matrix *shakes head shamefully* hung out there then went to Tom's Diner.had to take Charolette out the back door cause she got real sick in the bathroom and needed carried out....when we got her to christines she started going into convulsions.....basically an anxiety attack....scary stuff....joe wasnt there ofcourse...anyways. got home around 5am

saturday went to A...did some work...laid around....then went out with Heather....and went to A and then my place and watched mystery about "clicking" i have NEVER EVER felt so instantly comfortable around someone. little intimidating cause she looks like Christina Applegate *drool* ;-) but she is probably as sarcastic and a teaser as i am....if not more so....

today heather and i are going out to the store and stuff....she is an AMAZING person.
3 cool facts about her:
1. she takes care of her Grandmother who is terminal with cancer.
2. she makes stained glass windows....not sun catchers....i mean FULL WINDOW STAINED GLASS....and sells them. im talking $2,000 - $15,000.
3. loves to cook...makes her own noodles.


im smiling.

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