Dec 16, 2003

well something has happened to me in the past few days...i feel really down. i dont know if its lack of money for christmas, lack of job jan 1, or if im just sick of "not knowing". i dont get it....but i was listening to johnny cash's rendition of "hurt" on my way to work and i realized that pain is the easiest thing to have. no wonder there is so much suicide and cutting and branding. pain is easily brought upon our selfs and lets you at least feel something. its really difficult to make yourself happy. blah anyways.....

had a meeting last night for the magazine.....went ok....people are too narrow minded to envision it the way sam and i we need to find some way to express things to them.

talked to sarah last night for like 20 minutes. i hope i get to see her sometime soon. shes a really sweet girl.

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