Jun 29, 2005

ok...so new news....joe is getting married...crazy....getting married owns a house 2 dogs and a cat....and doing soooo much...www.ninjaneering.com i dont understand how he's doing it....yeah hes always be super talented...but now hes a freakin madmad now...how did it happen? was he just in the wrong place when he was here? am i in the wrong place..... he has basically stopped drinking..... is that my problem? things seems simpler and cooler looking back to before i started drinking..... music had more of an impact on me....is it the drinking or does music just suck now...or am i "old" and everything now is just a reflection of what i already know...so im bored with it. im trying to do this magazine and this building and i just dont know if im capable of it all now. why does it seem all so hard...so many people have so much faith in me with these projects....but i have none. i really don't believe in myself anymore. i mean, i do, to a point.....i dunno. i really just need some answers.

i need to really know me.

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Anonymous said...

I believe in you...I have since the day I met you