Dec 16, 2006

tag...of the blog kind.
Ok so a lil game of blog tag is going around..i was tagged by Erik Schark of Something to be Desired.
The idea is for each person tagged to write a list of 5 things that the average person may not know about you. Then pass the torch on to 5 others....
mine will also be posted at my myspaceblog.

ok so heres my list:
1. I have very sensitive skin....certain fabrics drive me insane! And certain temps. with certain fabrics is worse....i have no idea why.

2. I have a LARGE collection of t-shirts. Many of which i dont wearbecause of #1.

3. This one is a known fact but alot of people dont know that i used to be a singer in a was fun and i miss it all the time.

4. When i get my hair cut, I need to go straight home....wash my hair and change my shirt.....i HATE those little hair pieces.

5. I HATE mushrooms and seafood( everyone knows that) but when i was liitle i loved Cream of Mushroom Soup and Fish Sticks.

ok so thats my five i think im going to tag:
cassandra armour
jamie kirkavitch
andrew carver

that is all

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