Dec 6, 2006

tis the season!

Good day everyone. Well my new friend Mr. Chris Brogan has a great idea to spread the cheer of the holiday in way that makes a lot of is more about the idea of things that may remind you of the receiver or you think may remind them of you, not just what they want. I really like the idea and im going to participate. The great thing is, it doesn't really need to cost that much. Here are Chris' suggestions:
  • A fistful of comics from your local comics store’s twenty-five cent bin.
  • A mix CD of songs you love, or that make you think of me, or that you really want me to know about. (with liner notes). (Or an MP3 download.
  • A sticker or two (who cares from what?)
  • Something random from your home (not foodstuff nor perishable).
  • A photo or two or three of you putting the box together before mailing it.
Chris was also askin for suggestions from others that want to be involved. So mine follow:

Here’s what would be a fun holiday package for me to receive. I will make a few up and send a few out, too.

  • Random business cards from places in your town that you like to visit or some branded items(i.e.-pen, pencil things like that)
  • A funny or interesting picture from anywhere(i.e. an old magazine, text book, comic, advertisment) that could end up being framed.
  • A recipe of some random kind
So if you would like to be a part of this let me know.

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