Jan 1, 2007


I have some high hopes for 2007. 2006 has been an exciting one but there were a lot about it that was very frustrating.

But as 2006 comes to an end I have some really positive feelings about the year to come. So to make the most of it, I made a list of my plan of action for 2007

  1. Work schedule – Working on multiple ideas for multiple places can be overwhelming. So I need to give myself a daily schedule to make sure that I dedicate enough time to each venue and the projects involved with each one. This includes blogs, flyers, marketing, emails, and everything else that needs done. Certain blogs will get a day where I will consistently update it, but updating will not be limited to only those days.
  2. Thinktank – Rethink the whole thinktank idea and look into the idea of the “Media Learning Center”. Promote thinktank as what it is. Raise money for renovations and HVAC. (ie-donations and events)
  3. theVue – Set a Start date for the Magazines first issue.
  4. patheticboyproductions – Start promoting the company and get the website updated with portfolio
  5. Meetups – Work with Joe Babinsack to kick off the idea of the Comic/Gaming Groups in the basement space.
  6. websites – Set Schedules and Completion dates for websites.
    1. New

i. Divine Scentsations

ii. Bellevue15202

iii. Blues Orphans

    1. Redesign

i. Affogato

ii. 517521

iii. Vivo

  1. Start Vlogging – I have multiple ideas for the different businesses. I need to figure out which topic each one will focus one and then make a filming/editing/posting sched.
  2. Revisit some of my old project ideas –
    1. Bike Trail in Bellevue
    2. Group Bike Rides
    3. Lincoln Watch (community watch)
    4. Project:Bellevue (building an art community)
  3. LOOK AT MY PALM! – this is probably the biggest thing I need to do. I constantly have my palm with me but I will go days with out looking at it. That’s just really dumb.


1. Live by a work sched. – my life is too hectic and I have become too absent minded to keep track of everything

2. Get out to see bands/art – I used to be all about music and I have gotten so behind in the scene.

3. Get out of debt – I owe a lot more than I want.

4. Get more work done – I have a lot to do and I need to focus more and actually accomplish a lot more

5. Eat better – one of my BIGGEST shortcomings is my lack of eating well. I’ll toss back a few bags of chips in order to save time and money. But my stomach is slowly starting to hate me.

6. Cook more – I love too cook. And cooking my own food will help solve #5. Ill have leftovers to eat and it is always cheaper to cook.

7. Ride my bike more – this one is more focused of summer time….cause there is no way in HELL I’ll do it in the cold.


Chris said...

Wow. You've clearly got a lot of thoughts and ideas in the works. This is really great stuff, and I wish you well. Take big bites of 2007, and fill your belly with the best of your mental cooking.

--Chris Brogan, of Kf5.

Justin Kownacki said...

I think we have our first 4 or 5 resolutions in common. The main difference is that I already cook at home, and I eat moderately well, all things considered. But my 140 pounds needs to be applied more stringently to the task of getting things done.

Good luck, Andy!