Feb 13, 2007

Bellevue icey sidewalk and roads

Well today has been such a yucky day. Snow is falling...it turned to icey rain and there is no traffic in the store. People are afraid to go anywhere. Pittsburgh totally shuts down...its so weird. So...why am i here? well i dont really want to pass up the opportunity of someone that maybe out and wants to check out the store. Tho i may close early just to get a heads up on the ride home...not that i have far to go. This past weekend was hell and i am still recovering. Im so tired today i just want to crash for like a month, but thats not going to happen. This is so much more work than i EVER thought. I knew it would be tough....but some days its just too much. I hate the fact that i am so out of energy when i do have free time anymore. All i ever want to do is sit at home...thats not me. Im not a sit at home person. Back in school Ed and I and whoever else would be out ALL the time!!!! now i hardly see anyone...well anyone that i want to see. So many things are confusing but in the grand scheme i am having a good time, its just a good time working, i wish i could have a lil more play time. Well something has to happen soon. So we will see.
Hope no one is out in this yucko stuff.

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