Mar 19, 2007

So I was driving to work the other day and passed this girl walking the other way. Im guessing she was walking to school. Head down, hair in her face, all alone. Slumped over the books she carried tight against her chest. It was a pretty nice day out and it looked like it had been raining for days around her.

How do i know this? Ive been there, Ive walked that way. Ive felt the way that she looked. Being the "underdog", unliked, basically unknown, and completely incidental. High school is a really tough time....tougher for some. It was a very difficult time for me. I wasn't like everyone else in high school so i was shunned. Why is it that kids are so cruel? Who was it that made this girl so afraid of herself? And what was it about her that made them make her feel that way? Did she wear non name brand clothes? too much eyeliner? Does she not like Justin Timberlake? Kids need to be taught that its better that not everyone is the same...and who are you to pick on someone not like you. Its really pretty amazing the hurt that some words can cause. I think back on the things that were said to me and the way that it crushed made it impossible to happily show up at school, hell waking up was always dreaded.

I just hope that some stop being so mean.

and I hope that that girl is ok.

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