Mar 27, 2007

Phone Call

Well, Wal-Mart just called. I have an interview. Sometime. THey need to check some dates and call me back. So I guess we will see when. Its really a small business owner, fighting to save a town that doesnt seem to want saved, having an interview with Wal-mart....the ultimate non-small business. I mean I need to money, I dont know how much longer i can bear some of my current situation. But to leave Sam and everything that we have been building. And Victoria, things are getting good for us...and she cant leave Pittsburgh. She can't leave her Affogato. I couldnt expect her to. So really it's not a typical new job opportunity situation....and its really really scary. Id be leaving alot. I dont know if i can...but then again I dont know if I really have a choice.

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Anonymous said...

When you get the job, can you please do something about that bouncing smiley-face? Im scared of that thing and thats why I dont shop at Wal-Mart. Who knows if that damn thing or things is hiding in an aisle just waiting to ambush me?

Anonymous said...

I agree.....last year I was in WalMart and I walked in the bathroom and there were a bunch of them having an orgy. Wrong place, wrong time so long story short, a couple of them started chasing me and I was running so fast that I knocked over a display of Family Dog DVD's and there was a child underneath it and she got hurt real bad. Oh and once I got to the front doors, I look back and the smiley's were gone!

Anonymous said...

WalMart has an amazing snack bar!

Anonymous said...

Good luck patheticboy!

STBD said...

As some people would say, this is a "good problem" to have -- choosing between two good things, each of which have their drawbacks.

Follow your intuition. It's never wrong.