Mar 7, 2007

So yeah this weather sucks.
Ive been pretty frustrated lately, I have so much to do. EVERYONE needs something from me. At some points its way too much and i just want to disappear. I want to tell them all to shut up and leave me alone for 20 minutes....but i dont. thats not me. And then monday i got hit with a major realization...and I dont know what to do anymore. Here i am doing everything i can to be my best and actually it seems like im being my worst.the store is such a huge weight on my shoulders. I always feel like people are mad at me...people close to me. I feel like im always on display and being examined. I hardly eat or sleep. I hate sleeping cause it just brings the next day faster....and i cant help but sleep after running around all days seem shorter and shorter all the time. I just visited and found out that ive been right.....Athens, GA is a perfect place for me. So what do i do...i feel kinda trapped.

*sigh* oh well....maybe its just one of those days

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