Apr 17, 2007

Day at the airport

So sunday started off fine, got to the airport a little bit later than I would have liked. But i got checked in and thru security in about 5 minutes.....so it really wasnt a big deal. @1210 i got on the giant plane and took off. Smoothest take off ever. except for 50 feet off the ground I could hardly see out my window..since it was so foggy and we appeared to go underwater for a few seconds. Once we got above the clouds, my ipod turned on and i watched some of Shaun of the Dead and Listened to some TMBG podcasts.

Then comes Atlanta....UUGHH! Lets just say we were to take off @ 240. We finally left around.....700. Every ten minutes they pushed the flight back another 20 minutes, changed a gate or changed our plane....Something about the first one leaking fluids or something. To top it off I think the airport had every door open it was so damn cold in this place. Then around 700 when we finally got to board we had to go outside...which i guess was ok since it was -3000 in the airport. The whole flight there was a piece of the plane above me that was rattling the entire time....because the screws that should hold it securely were no longer holding it securely.

So I finally got to Arkansas, got my rental car (a Dodge Caliber-which was a nice surprise) , my luggage arrived quickly and Jason and Emily were waiting for me to lead me where to go. So we took my car to my hotel, La Quinta( pretty nice place). Then we got wings AND DEEP FRIED PICKLES(!!!!!YUM!!!!!) from Slim Chickens. Hung at their place for a little bit then I went back to my hotel. Free Wireless YAY!!!

Then the next morning I got up for the free breakfast and got ready for my interview. Emily picked me up and took me for coffee then to my interview. Overall the interview was pretty easy. Everyone was nice and not intimidating...it let me show my real self. We went for Bar-B-Q for lunch then finished up interviews after. I had a totaly of 4 interviews...2 of which we 2 people @ once. After the interviews went back to my hotel to change then went out to Fayetteville to look around. Cool little town...more on Fayetteville soon. We hit this resturant that was in a lil hotel. Looked like Daniels apartment in Karate Kid...complete with green pool!!! The food was AMAZING!!!! Awesome lil Italian place. After than went back to my hotel and crashed.

This morning my flight left @ 6am. so I had to get up around 4am....so i could drop off my car. This time my flights were smooth and no delays. Victoria picked me up and brought me home....i got home around noon and then around 4pm I got a phone call....with an offer.

so now i really need to start thinking about my options.....blah!

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emily said...

Hey congrats on the job offer. How is Arkansas anyways? I'm terrified of most in the South in general, so just curious. Wait, now I just realized AR might be further west than I think it is. Oh and I think it's neat you know another Jason and Emily there haha They're like Mosley and I's southern counterparts or something.