Apr 26, 2007

I REALLY dont understand people!!!

So at the store we had this lamp...a small wooded lamp. A$25 lamp. A lamp that has been sitting in the store for probably a year and a half. So one day I decided "that lamp is going on to our EbayStore." And that is exactly what I did about 5 weeks ago. And there it sat. Well 2 days ago someone claimed the lamp. I hadn't gotten a chance to pull it from the shelf when some woman came in looking at it. She saw the ebay tag and said,"I see that lamp is on ebay, do I have to go there or can I buy it from you?" So I proceeded to tell her that the lamp had just sold on ebay and I just didnt get a chance to pull it off the floor. She started saying how she, "saw the lamp on monday in the window but we were closed and came back to get it". I apologized for the disappointment and yet she continued,"I am here with money in hand to buy it, she saw it first and she should get it." I explained that in using Ebay I have a duty to honor peoples purchases like I would in the store and that I would be happy to call her if they did not pay, and hold it for her. She left the store.

About 2 hours later she called saying,"I was thinking about it and I really should have that lamp cause I saw it first and its only fair" So i asked," If someone came into the store and saw that lamp and wanted to get it but first walked over to look at something else, and then she walked in grabbed the lamp and proceeded to the register, should I not sell it to her but let the other person who saw it first buy it?" She surprisingly declined to answer that.

About an hour later she called back asking,"Would you ask the person that bought it if they would like to sell it to me." WHA?!?!?!

So about 30 minutes ago she called. "Andy, did they pay for that lamp."
"Yes they did this morning" I say to her with a dissappointed sound in my voice as to seem I care who has that lamp that ive looked at everyday for months on end.
She then asked, "aww did you ask them about selling it to me?"
"No I didnt I dont feel comfortable being that middle person." There was a slight pause before she spoke again......"You know I REALLY don't like your policy or how that situation was handled....CLICK!"

Thats right boys and girls apparentally life is not about what you actually do but the things you thought about doing.

Oh customers!!

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