May 1, 2007

the call has been received

Well boys and girls,

the time has come, as of today it is official, I will be moving to Arkansas. I know i know..."Arkansas?!?!?!" But its really not that bad. Im looking into living in Fayetteville which is a small college town(university of Arkansas). So it actually has a decent amout of stuff going on. But anyways I have no idea yet when my move date is. I have to call or email them with that info. I need to set up a relocation visit, a move date and a start date. So now I have to figure that stuff out in the next day or so. As far as everything im doing here, well I plan on still being completely involved jsut remotely. I mean most of what I do for here is done internetly. ( i like that word. internetly) I plan on still being involved at Affogato, 517521, with Bellevue and stuff that Sam is doing. I need to be. Its been my life for over 2 years, and I have put so much of myself into it. I know I am going to get a lot of headaches from people. I really think that me going for this job is the best thing I can do for Bellevue. I have become such a Bellevue-lite i just really dont care like I used too. Im so jaded. But I think if I dont have to deal with the politics as much or the stupidass people that are so negative, I think i can do more good. Plus I wont be worrying about how Im going to pay MY bills, and I can start to invest into my own company. There are a lot of negatives and positive to this situation, and like Ive been saying NO MATTER WHAT I decided....there would be some regret. Im still not 100% sure this is the right decision for me....but I do know that I have to find out. There are also alot of people that I am leaving behind. And i am going to miss each and every person I know in Pittsburgh. I do plan on flying back to Pittsburgh atleast once a month for business stuff and to visit. I have alot here still so walking away is really going to be difficult. I will also have more time down there to work on my design work, blogging and hopefully soon I can start my vlog. But over the next weeks I will keep this up to date with what is going on withmy relocation. After that Ill keep everyone up to date with that im doing. Well, I got alot of questions about what I am going to decide...well there it is folks. Andy is finally getting out of Pittsburgh for a while.

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