Jun 28, 2007

Gears of War and Life in AR

So im sitting here waiting for some co-workers to sign on to XBOX live so we can play some Gears of War. I just got done throwing a load of Laundry in, throwing a load of Dishes in and a batch of cupcakes that I for some reason said I would make for our "Team Picnic" tomorrow. So any ways I have beer in hand, feeling somewhat productive(even tho I didnt vacuum like I wanted to waiting for game time and I just started thinging about all the things going on....The Creative Treehouse is going to be having their GrandOpening this weekend, The store seems to be in great hands, and ofcourse Affogato is doing great. It feels great being down here away from all the headaches that Bellevue has caused me and it's also very rewarding to see things still trucking along. I wish at times that I was still up there helping things move along, but if I was....I wouldn't be moving along. Id be trapped. Like I have been for the past 2 or so years. I was so trapped I couldn't see it. I was powerless to really make a change because I was so deep in it. I made some changes but mainly at the beginning. My focus and drive wore off...or i should say the building wore me down. Now that Im down here I do have a lot of things to keep up with that is 900 and some miles away...thank god for the interweb. For anyone wondering....Arkansas is great. Yeah I am surprised. Ive made friends, reconnected with old ones, making a steady paycheck, have a great house and an awesome town real close by. I am really missing alot of Pittsburgh but I am NOT missing ALOT MORE.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your text the other night. I kept reading the number out loud to myself over and over again, going, "I know I know this number." So now I have it saved and should be switching phone companies soon. (P.S. The AT&T is now Cingular is now AT&T once again crap sucks.) But at any rate, thanks for the birthday wishes. I'm glad to hear/read that you're doing well. Take care and keep in touch.

righteoustetris said...

Glad things are working out. We miss you, but we're more happy that life is good. :)