Jul 8, 2007

This is Mossey

This is Mossey
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Little Mossey was seem crossing the street on my way to Sonic. At first I thought he was a shoe and I was just gonna pass over him...then I saw what he was. So I slammed on my brakes and backed up. Now I call him Mossey cause his shell was covered in Moss. Maybe I should have called him Coco cause he was about the size of a coconut. Or maybe Streety since thats where i found the lil guy. Well i got out of the car and when i got to him he was all tucked up in his shell. When i picked him up his little legs popped out and went crazy...so crazy that he wiggled around and i dropped him...SILLY MOSSEY!!!! Then when I went to pick him up again the little bugger tried to bite me....maybe I should call him Bitey. So i lightly kicked him off to the side of the street.Good thing I stopped be cause the 3 cars that passed when I was there were FLYING...and DEF. woulda hit the little guy. With Mossey safe I headed to SONIC. I figured on my way back Id have to stop and Kick him some more(not in a violent way tho)...But on my return trip Mossey either got wise and booked it outta there or someone came and moved him....or he is actually a Ninja Turtle and was so stealthy that I couldnt see him....if thats the case Id call him Raphael(he was my favorite).

If I didnt have 2 extremely playful cats I prolly would have brought Mossey home with me.

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emily said...

I am so jealous you can eat at Sonic anytime you want. They were supposed to have some in PA, but the only one I've seen being built is in York.