Oct 22, 2007

Chalk it up to...figures...

So this is really trivial. And maybe thats all it is....or maybe it is another notch in the universe's bed post from screwin me:

So you know how everyone(or maybe just me) has those things that you've had for a really long time. So long that for some reason they become "special" to you; Lucky t-shirt, a ring from a vending machine, teddy bear, ceramic pickle....errr....whatever. Well theres this glass. Just a plain clear glass. It had the VW logo on one side with "San Fransisco 1989" under it in blue. On the other side some emblem with "Spatan Munich" under it also in blue. For some reason I grew to love this glass. Always drank out of it...ALWAYS. When Victoria and I were together I caught her using it a few times....I put a stop to it because of her love of the sound of breaking glass....or so it would seem by the amount of glasses she has broken. :-) But anyways, tonite as i was getting ready to watch Heroes i decided i was thirsty...so i grabbed a "cold brew" tea bag tossed it in water and let it brew...ofcourse in my favorite glass. I had used up all my sugar water so out of laziness i resorted to dumping sugar directly into the iced tea. So in order to dissolve the sugar quickly I stirred vigorously...very vigorously. So vigorously in fact my dear dear glass broke in half. and i mean IN HALF. One half sat on the counter as the other half and the tea contained inside, fell off the counter and shattered at my feet. All the glasses I reached past to grab this one...why? Is it just one more thing that I liked/enjoyed getting taken away from me? Am I over thinking this? Oh well...like I said...chalk it up to...figures.

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Anonymous said...

I know what you mean bro....my Ultra-man T-shirt is basically dead and I ALWAYS wore that shirt. I blame FIGURES and SPONSORS!

Stacey R said...

The glass is the sacrifice you needed to make in order to move into a new and better phase in your life. YOu have to sacrifice something meaningful, otherwise it doesn't count.

Yah! OCD peeps unite!

Rachel said...


I don't know what I would do if my stuffed pig broke in half.