Nov 19, 2007

A Full Weekend

It was a pretty eventful weekend: Friday night a bunch of us went to a Going Away Party for Nathan from work. Had a good time, good food, good beer, and cute dogs.

Saturday, I did my normal trip to the Farmers Market at the square. As usual there were a bunch of dogs running around. There was one dog, I believe a Great  Pyrenees. I over heard the owner say that it was 7months old and 150lbs. And the quote of the day comes from a little boy when he say the dog, "Its like the Abominable Snow Man, just a dog and not very Abominable!"

Then I also found out that later that night was Fayettevilles Light Up Nite, So after running all my errands, I went back to the square around 530pm. It was amazing! There were vendors, a parade, around 500,000 Christmas lights. It was everything that I wished Bellevue could pull off. It actually made me really sad, because after all the time I spent working to help Bellevue, I really don't see it ever happening. Only because the leaders there are so close minded. Then when the lights were turned It was probably one of the most incredible things ive ever seen.

Then I got to check out the Condos thats Over Look the Square. These were awesome places...a little out of my price range tho....$500,000-$1,000,000.....drool!

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