Nov 12, 2007

I'm making an effort....

So here it a past post I had talked about doing a "guide" of sorts to what ive experienced in the area: food, bands, whatever. Then last night I posted how i dont know WHAT to blog!

Well lets see the past few days Ive eaten in a few good places, both Sub restaurants:
Firehouse Subs and Loafin' Joes, both were good but Firehouse was much better. Kind of Quiznos-ish but very good. Loafin' Joes was very different my only complaint was there was way more bread than inside stuff. Tho Loafin' Joes has probably the GREATEST, MOST AMAZING Home-Made Potato Chips EVER. I had the Garlic Parmesan...YUM.

Then I also went to the Benjamin Del Shreve CD Release Party at the Gypsy. Really good show, There were 4 openers. One of them were really good except for the fact that they ACTUALLY COVERED a Benjamin Del Shreve song off the album the release party was for....i mean WHO DOES THAT?!?!?!?! They then ended their set by destroying 2 guitars and a cymbal. It was pretty crazy. Unfortunately, I dont know who was who because I never heard the bands say their name, but the list of openers were: Jonathan Taylor Rose, Mar & Kingsdown, Unamed Army, and Night After Night.

OH and one of the FUNNIEST things I heard over the weekend at Brewski's. So I'm sitting at the bar and The Cure is playing over the house system...the guy behind me says to the girl he was with,"Is this Chris Cornell?"She said," is the Cure...i dont think Chris Cornell EVER sounds like Robert Smith."

Good Nite.....

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