Nov 16, 2007

So I had EVERY intention on posting to here last night but when I got home my desktop was acting DUMB....which brings be to this....ALL MY STUFF HATES ARKANSAS. Since Ive been here:
My cars coolant hose got a hole in it, some sensor on my car died, my left-click button on my laptop keeps coming off, My windshield has a huge crack in it, and last night my 21" flat panel monitor died! Yup Died it was a year and a half and I think the power supply died. Im thinking that since Arkansas is south of Pittsburgh, there is a "pressure difference" in the atmosphere. Like when your in the mountains cakes take longer to bake, or when you go underwater the pressure is so intense you need to decompress when you come back up. So I think all my stuff is like in some type of "compression shock" and everything is just breaking. Stoopid Atmospheric Pressure Difference!!!

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