Nov 25, 2007

So I decided to put up a tree this year. I got an artificial one just to make life easy. is a silver tree with matte black ornaments....I meant really...what else would you expect from me.

So this weekend wasn't very eventful. oh Thanksgiving...well this was the first Thanksgiving in 32 years that I wasn't with my family. It really wasn't that weird. I guess just because I didn't let myself think about it much. I thought more about the fact that it was the first Thanksgiving in 3 years, that I wasn't spending with Victoria. Well this year I spent it with Jason, Emily, Brendan and Noah along with some other friends. The day started with me NOT being able to find a freakin' coffee shop that was open! I know I'm spoiled cause for the past 3 years anytime I wanted coffee, I could go open the coffee I miss that. Then I went over to Jason and Emily's to play some Rock Band before dinner. Man, that game kicked my ass. So much fun tho. Dinner was great, I wasn't really concerned with doing anything on Thanksgiving, cause its not really a "big day" for me....but I'm glad I ended up having something to do.

Friday, I had to work... but i was only there from 730- 12 and I got a lot done so it was worth NOT using a vacation day to have off. I planned on going to see a band Friday Night, but College Inn, one of the nicer rooms to see a band has closed....sooo i just ended up at Brewski's for a few beers. Saturday Night I went to Bordino's with someone from work and then just came home and crashed. Ive been pretty lazy today, watching movies, playing video games, and just doing some thinking. What I was thinking about...I'm not going to bore anyone with my whine woe-is-me least not until I come to some conclusion about what I am going to do about it. We will be working more on the Local music site that Jason and I are doing this things come together I will be posting links.

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