Dec 20, 2007


YAY! Caroline got a Wii.

In other news, I on the other hand havent started Christmas shopping yet. Isn't that AWESOME! This Saturday I'm heading up to Kansas City to meet Michelle. She's a friend of Caroline's. One day out of nowhere Caroline said, "OH MAN! you need to meet Michelle! I just realized that you two are perfect for each other!!" Well, after some emails and conversations, I decided I was going to drive up there this weekend. It's only 3 hours away, not that bad. So on Saturday, ill get the about noon, and we will spend the day together. Going to coffeeshops(shes a coffee snob like me), eating;i think there are like 5 restaurants we are talking about going too(cause we both love good food), and then go see some local bands...and whatever we can fit into the day. Im really excited. Our movie and music taste are VERY similar. We both are kind of....ummm....weird, and make each other laugh a lot. I dont know what is going to happen...but im not going to worry about it. The amazing thing is that I am actually going up there....its not like me, one thing i know for sure Im not gonna sit around wondering,"what if i went up there?!?" Ill know now, good or bad...ill know. And thats such a great feeling.

well off to work.Today is yet another holiday party...and something called the "Chili Pile On" Ill write about it when even i know more.

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