Dec 23, 2007

What a weekend!

Kansas City-Dec 22-23.07
Kansas City-Dec 22-23.07,
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So lets see...This weekend I drove up to Kansas City to meet Michelle. Ofcourse the weather decide to SUCK! I found out friday night that they were supposed to get snow and freezing rain, around the time that I would be getting there. So I left early...6am early. Got there with no problems.My hotel actually let me check in early, then I headed to Michelle's. And ofcourse the rain/snow mix started coming down. We headed out to Broadway Coffee and I had an AWESOME Macchiato. Then we went to Room 39 for some brunch, I had a Spanish Style Omlette: Chirizo, Roasted Red Peppers, and Caramelized Onions and Michelle had a Harvest Vegetable Fritata. Then we drove around the area complaining about the stoopid snow, before stopping at and some art gallery. We went back to here place for a little bit, watched some of the Royal Tennanbaums. Michelle actually had presents for me then. Her favorite Belgium Style Beer from Boulevard Brewery, The Sixth Glass:Quadrupel Ale. Some Christopher Elbow Chocolate. And a loaf of Orchard Bread from Fervere. All three of these are native to KC. Then we went to a Vietnamese Restaurant and got some Pho. Not the best ive had but not bad. Then we went to see "Im not there" that movie thats about Bob Dylan but not about Bob Dylan but is Obviously about Bob Dylan that they made it make no sense....We then decided to to head back to her place for awhile before heading out to dinner....which we never got to cause the roads started sucking so bad. So we hung out at her place for the rest of the night listening to music and was such a great night. We took Rocksy for a walk and got more coffee then about 3am I headed back to the hotel. Woke up and check out of the hotel before heading to Michelle's for breakfast. Then headed home....I have a few Pictures posted on my Flickr. so check them out....I can't wait till I see her again.

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