Jan 19, 2008

hey world. Yes I'm alive. Its been a while. Sorry I've been out of touch. Things have just been crazy. Right now I am in Kansas City, working a conference for ten days. Right now I am half way thru. I'm taking a short break so I figured is give a condensed version of what has gone on since my last post. Whenever that was....

Well I went home to Pittsburgh after Christmas, over new years and basically spent the week in bed with
a 102.8 degree temp. That sucked big time. Hardly got to see anyone. (i think im finally getting over whatever it was i had) Then the weekend I got back Michelle came own to visit me for the weekend. Then last weekend I went up to KC to stay with her for the weekend. Drove home Sunday, worked Monday, and had I come back to KC on Tuesday for this conference. Things are going amazing with Michelle, she really makes me feel confident and good about myself. Its nice having some to visit when you are out
of town on a business trip.

Well I should get back to work, I hope to updated soon with more interesting stuff!

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