Feb 26, 2008


Its been over a month since ive posted. lets see whats happened....I visited ST. Louis with Michelle to meet the family and see the City Museum. wow that place is amazing. im going to be posting some pictures, maybe tonite on my Flickr account. Other than that not too much has happened. Things with Michelle have been great! Im feeling REALLY good about everything in my life. Im almost out of Debt and ofcourse...i probably need a new car soon....so im starting to look around. OHOHOH!! when we were in ST.L there was a store Vintage Vinyl! OH MY GOD! AWESOME! i got The Pixies Doolittle on Vinyl...UNOPENED and R.E.M. Dead Letter Office! so awesome!

And i found a Kick ass pair of Kangaroos online today...so i need to order them soon.

I hope to start posting more regularly...but i always say that.

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